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Individule MBTI Assessment Welcome

Welcome:You can follow the instructions below and take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® at any time; however, for your MBTI report to be processed and forwarded to you, you need have a business relationship with one of our certified MBTI practitioners at the Strategic Path Group. To initiate a conversation with one of our certified MBTI practitioners, please go to About Us, and send an email to the MBTI practitioner of your choice.

Our Specialty: To guide management and staff teams through a serious of workshops that arrive at a company generated and embraced emotional intelligence based corporate culture. However, we do work with individuals interested in discovering their innate personality type on a case-by-case basis for a wide rage of reasons.

The Proper Mindset When Taking the MBTI: The MBTI is designed to help you determine your innate personalty type, thus, it is important that you answer the questions with your most natural response. Just like when you pickup a pen to sign your name, you have a natural preference to used either your right-hand or your left-hand. The same applies when taking the MBTI, pick the answer that is most natural to you, most comfortable, and most likely response. We have found that the best mindset to have when taking the MBTI is to be in a “Shoes-Off” state of mind. Remember, this information is private to you so you can better understand yourself and others. The more accurate the report, the more you will benefit from this experience.

How To Take The MBTI: By clicking on the SkillsOne logo below or the following SkillsOne link, you will be taken to the CPP, Inc. SkillsOne website, where you can log into our page with the following information:

(The following is type sensitive, please use all lower case type)

User Name: strategic
Pass Word: path
User ID: Will be assigned to you if you do not finish the instrument. To pick up where you left off, access the just as you did before, with your User ID, and you will be taken back to where you left off.

Please complete the MBTI, Step II, Form Q, unless otherwise instructed:

SkillsOne Site link:

Once in the SkillsOne site, follow the instructions. Your printed results will be given to you at your workshop or emailed to you after you have been guided through a self selection process. Click Here To Access

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