Strategic Path Group

Determining Your Personality Type: You determine your personality type, not the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. There is no psychological type instrument or test that can profile all unique aspects of the human personality. The MBTI is only one sourse of information to help you arrive at your accepted personality type. As practitioners of psychological type, we always ask you to self-select your type first, read profiles of your self-selected type, determine which profile best fits you, and then share with you your reported type. If there is a difference, we work with you to determine why.

Selecting Your Four Letters: Below are four cartoon images, each depicting a person acting one way vs. another per each of the four MBTI dichotomies. Please review each of the cartoon images and pick which one best profiles you. Once this is done, assemble the four letters that represent your type, and then go to the type verification page and read various profiles until you find your best fit.

E vs I
S vs N
T vs F
J vs P
Your First Letter E vs. I: _____
Your Second Letter S vs. N: ____
Your Third Letter T vs. F: _____
Your Fourth Letter J vs. P: ____

Step One: Select your four letter type using the cartoon images.

Step Two: Verify your type using the MBTI Verification Grid, find the four letter type that best discribes you.