Harry Redinger is a master corporate trainer who specializes in a new form of health management called Emotional Intelligence Health and Wellness. Emotional Intelligence is the something within each of us that is a bit intangible, yet it affects how we manage our behavior, navigate social complexities, and make personal decisions to achieve positive results. Emotional Intelligence regulates our ability to maintain our Psychical Health, Social Health, Mental Health, and Financial Health. Harry Redinger has over three decades experience engaging all four categories of health and is now promoting a comprehensive Emotional Intelligence approach to these categories of health called the Strategic Path Process®.
Harry Redinger is a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist by the Corporate Health and Wellness Association, and thus has proven his ability his ability to engage an organization to assess the health interventions needs for management and staff. The Strategic Path Process® integrates into the traditional approach to a Corporate Health and Wellness Program, training in the areas of Psychological Type Teambuilding and Emotional Intelligence to promote a rational approach to one’s Physical Health, Social Health, Mental Health, and Financial Health. Harry Redinger is the first to make this connection between Emotional Intelligence and Health management.


Master of Psychological Type and Emotional Intelligence Assessments: Since 1985, Harry Redinger has had a fascination with behavioral psychology which has led him to becoming a Certified Master Practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Psychological Type Assessment), a Certified Practitioner of the California Psychological Inventory 260 (Workplace Behavior Assessment), the Strong Interest Inventory (Career Path Interest Assessment), and EQi 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence Assessment). Each of these assessments have played a roll in the evolution and development of Psychological Type and Emotional Intelligence assessments. It’s through a working knowledge of all four of these assessments that Harry Redinger was able to make the logical connections between behavioral psychology and health, all four categories of health. Most in the profession of Health Management will agree that 20% of health is exercise and 80% of health is what you put in your mouth. What you put in your mouth is a rational vs. emotional decision thus the use of assessments to learn where each individual wants to focus their interventions.
UCLA Extension: Harry Redinger recently complete a 24-year tenure at UCLA Extension where he taught Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Development course. Though UCLA Extension, Harry Redinger has lectured on these subjects at other major universities, Mexico, Thailand, and China. Harry Redinger is the author of the book, The Strategic Path, Business Plan Development for the Emerging Entrepreneur. Harry Redinger is a master at emotionally persuasive pubic speaking. Harry Redinger strives to influence his audiences to make changes to their lifestyle and life direction whenever has the opportunity. He is naturally enthusiastic and authentic. Harry Redinger has over 40 UCLA Extension Entrepreneurship Lecture videos posted on YouTube.
Edurance Sports: March 5th, 1995, Harry Redinger ran in his first City of Los Angeles Marathon, which led to completing a total of 54 Marathons, over 100 Century Bike Rides, and 3 Ironman Triathlons. Harry Redinger is passionate about health and the lessons learned when you challenge yourself to achieve health goals. The same mindset to achieve a Physical Health Goal can be used to achieve a Social Health Goals, Mental Health Goals, and Financial Health Goals. Harry Redinger has learned of the many connections between these four categories of health. Most may not realize that, for example, the first step to initiating a weight loss program may start with clearing all the clutter out of your house or getting your finances in order. Personal accomplishments are the most rewarding in life. Harry’s father was an Episcopal Priest who struggled with alcoholism and being obese most of his life, thus Harry Redinger’s familiarity with the struggles of the mind and health. At a young age, Harry vowed to never to let is life take the path of his father’s and thus his lifelong association with being an athlete. Harry completed his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Industrial Technology at California State University Long Beach and his Master’s Degree in Business Administration at Pepperdine University.